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This page will contain a collection of writings by both Rev. Jack and Rev. Liz. Additional material will be added from time to time, so check back often.

"Preach the Word" (2 Timothy 4:2) is a collection of homilies Rev. Liz and I have written over the years, organized by Liturgical Cycle and Season. In sharing them we hope to help others in some small way, whether it is in their spiritual journey, in their study of the scriptures, or in their call to share the Word with others. If you find yourselves touched by the messages contained in this work, praise God and God alone for his gift to you. And then do something with that gift, pass it and a blessing onto someone else.
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"Preaching the Parables" contains reflections on some of the most common parables found in the synoptic gospels that Rev. Liz and I have shared over the years. A few were written by our retired Deacon and others adapted from other sermons and publications. Whether you agree or disagree with our commentary, we sincerely hope that our thoughts and insights will stimulate your thoughts and insights, and ultimately lead to a better understanding of how the Parables of Jesus reflect on our lives in this day and time.
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"Harmony of the Drum and Cross" 
The Blending of Native Culture and Christian Worship.
A paper on the subject of inculturation, written by Rev. Jack Miller while attending the Pastoral Ministry Master's Degree Program at Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota. The primary purpose of this paper is to answer the question; is a harmonious worship experience possible that blends traditional Native American and Catholic rituals?
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"My Favorite Things" by Rev. Jack Miller, is a Reflective Essay about his favorite Psalms and Proverbs. Written as part of his doctoral studies at Oxford University (UK), the essay explores the back story behind each selected scripture.
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"Parables in the Gospel of John"
Although the synoptic gospels contain the majority of the parables of Jesus, there is a growing number of scholars who also believe that there are parables in the Gospel of John. These include the Parable of the Carpenter's Apprentice (John 5:19-21), The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-5), and The Parable of the Childbearing Woman (John 16:21-24). This work explores these parables in both scripture and homiletic reflections.
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